Karel Raska

Personal Statement

My name is Karel, and I am a business major and photography minor at Drew University seeking full-time opportunities in Boston for the spring of 2021.

I believe in continual personal growth and every day I am driven by efficiency, adaptability, and resiliency to achieve my goals and deliver exceptional results.

In addition to my strong academic record, campus engagement, and work experience, I possess a combination of critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. 

Contact Information

Phone Number: 973-727-0819
Email: kjraska@gmail.com

Who Am I?

I was born and raised in New Jersey with my twin sister. As a child, I learned to speak Czech and Polish before English. My Central European roots continue to shape the person I am today. I travel to Europe for major holidays to spend time with the rest of my family, and am fortunate to have visited over 15 countries on 3 continents.

My hobbies include photography, playing the french horn, tennis, disc golf, ping pong, skiing, and Lego. I am also a soccer, basketball, and Formula 1 fan.

Going into college, I intended to pursue a degree in earth sciences. However, after taking my first economics class, I knew switching to a business focus would tailor to my strengths and interests.

I am very involved on campus and seek to mentor younger peers to help them become the best versions of themselves. As captain of the Drew men’s tennis team, I foster a culture of teamwork, self-improvement, and accountability. I am a mental health advocate and encourage others to speak up and seek help.

I am passionate about the technology, sports, e-commerce, and the future of transportation.